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Our Location

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Our Value Proposition

We are committed to delivering the following key values to our patients. This is a commitment that we live by every single day.

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Offering comfort to our patients is one of our core values. We take it into account in every part of our processes. Find out how?
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Oral well-being should not be something that people choose to compromise. We offer dental treatments at very competitive fees.
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Being highly available and accessible is paramount in our philosophy. We will be there when you need us. You can see how we do it.
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Some of Our Dental Services

We do offer a much wider range of dental services and you can always give us a call on 289.757.0050 to enquire about a specific service or case and we would be happy to verify and respond to your questions.
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Orthodontics treats improperly positioned teeth.  Many of our suffering patients complain of headaches, neck pain, dizziness, fainting, clicking or locking of jaws, ringing in the ears, or earaches.
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Root Canal

Endodontics, also known as root canal therapy, refers to filling the root structure of tooth. This could be the result of trauma to the tooth or significant decay that impacted the tooth nerve or pulp.
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Wisdom Teeth

The partial eruption of wisdom teeth makes them impossible to fully clean, resulting in gum and jaw infections. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause jaw pain due to them pushing against the remaining teeth.
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to provide a secure foundation for replacement teeth that function like natural teeth. If you are suffering from permanent tooth loss, rest assured that we can help.
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Teeth Whitening

A bright white smile can make a dramatic impact on your appearance. There are a variety of products and procedures available to help you improve the look of your smile and restore your happiness.
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Crowns & Bridges

Crown and bridge procedures permanently replace missing and worn tooth structures. If you are missing some of your teeth, you don’t have to be worried as our team can surely offer you help.
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Sedation Dentistry

Feeling anxious about your next visit to the dentist? You might want to consider Oral or IV Sedation or Nitrous Oxide as a way to increase your comfort level. Ask our staff about Sedation Dentistry solutions.
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Children Dentistry

Making sure that your children are healthy is so important, and your child’s oral health is a huge part of their overall health. Our team will help maintain your children’s beautiful & healthy smiles.
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Exam & Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to prevent the decline of your oral health is to maintain a regular schedule of having your teeth checked by a dentist and cleaned by your dental hygienist.
and much more…

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    Meet Our Dentists

    Dr. Kal

    Dr. Sami Khalid Jumaily is also known among his patients and staff as (Dr. Kal). He’s a super relaxing doctor who’s passionate about making sure patients are comfortable throughout the appointment. His professional goal for each and every patient is to deliver comfortable high quality dentistry. He often states that “Explaining all the treatment options to patients is very important to me”. and his mantra is “I’m a perfectionist, and wouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t want done on myself”.

    With his mom being a dentist, he envisioned himself at a very young age as a dental professional. He has spent over a decade of education, hard work and attention to detail to reach the level of experience, technical skills, and patient communication skills that his patients enjoy and benefit from on a daily basis. He strives to work with and help as many patients as he can to achieve their goals and expectations in oral health, function, and esthetics. 

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    Dr. Kal of Caledonia Smiles

    Dr. Farah

    Dr. Farah Faris Abdulazeez (Dr. Farah) is absolutely thrilled to be practising dentistry in Caledonia. With her soft hands, she keeps even the extremely anxious patients very relaxed no matter what the procedure is. This is motivated by the fact that Dr. Farah herself has had unfortunate bad dental experiences as a child. She has made it her mission to ensure all kids and adults receive the best and most comfortable experience no matter what the procedure is.

    Her cute children-loving personality charms kids and puts their minds at ease since most kids view Dr. Farah more like their friend than their dentist. She is also very patient and excels at taking the time to listen and explain dental problems and treatment options in a very simple clear language. Since graduating in 2011, Dr. Farah has become very skilled at creating very esthetic fillings in the front and back teeth, performing root canal treatment, crowns, as well as utilizing the laughing gas and sedation to keep our adult and young patients relaxed throughout the dental procedure.

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    Dr. Farah of Caledonia Smiles
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    Virtual Consultation

    You should be set within a minute or two. We will ask you a few questions that would help us determine the appropriate course of action. It could be a phone call or a Zoom meeting with one of our dentists. Start the process to find out.