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Help assess the damage of the wisdom tooth along with the nerves running near the impacted area. Schedule your next appointment by calling us at 289.757.0050 or simply use the appointment booking form below.

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We are very proud to have the only three-dimensional X-ray system in Haldimand and Norfolk counties. This allows for accurate visualization of the impacted wisdom teeth, hence minimizing the trauma of removing them. This valuable 3D X-ray also allows for the visualization of the nerves running near the impacted wisdom teeth. This would help us avoid injuring those vital anatomical structures, making the procedure much safer when done at our office.

Our new three-dimensional X-ray system allows for more accurate and much safer implant placement. We can visualize the bone dimensions much more accurately. We can also locate important vital structures to make sure no injury occurs to those delicate nerves.

3D X-rays of the mouth also better allows for the detection of oral pathologies such as tumors and sinus issues. It takes less than 20 seconds to capture this 3D image.

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