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Crowns & bridges could be one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods to replace missing or work teeth structures. You might want to consult one of our dentists by calling 289.757.0050 to schedule your appointment or simply use the below booking button.

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At our office, Dr. Kal and Dr. Farah offer both crowns and bridges for a number of cosmetic and functional situations.

If you are missing some of your teeth, don’t worry, our team can help you. Our team of professionals knows that losing one or more teeth has an unwelcome impact socially and psychologically.

Crown and bridge procedures permanently replace missing and worn tooth structures.

Dr. Kal and Dr. Farah utilize very strong, aesthetic dental materials to restore teeth to their natural function and beauty. This technology has evolved so that in certain cases, all-ceramic (porcelain) materials are used. These metal-free restorations are not only very strong but life-like too. Sometimes crowns or bridges are constructed in conjunction with other cosmetic services, such as porcelain laminates, to create an entirely new look. No special maintenance is necessary and the restorations generally last for many years. For our anxious or busy patients, those procedures can be done with the aid of laughing gas, oral or IV sedation for a more time-efficient and very relaxing time in the chair.

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Our team at Caledonia Smiles Family Dentistry is glad to offer you a wide range of dental treatments. You can either reach us via phone at 289.757.0050 or simply request an appointment using the form. We will get back to you shortly. 


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    Some of Our Dental Services

    We do offer a much wider range of dental services and you can always give us a call on 289.757.0050 to enquire about a specific service or case and we would be happy to verify and respond to your questions.
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    You should be set within a minute or two. We will ask you a few questions that would help us determine the appropriate course of action. It could be a phone call or a Zoom meeting with one of our dentists. Start the process to find out.