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We fell in love with Caledonia as it’s a combination of the type of town where we always wanted to live and practice Dentistry. Caledonia is such a picturesque community on the banks of the Grand River, it’s very close to the city of Hamilton so it provides the amenities of living in the city while maintaining the one of a kind small-town charm. We live in a home right in Caledonia and we’re looking to immerse ourselves in the community now and for the years to come. The people couldn’t be any nicer, which has strongly motivated us to work and service such a beautiful community for the rest of our careers. We notice lots of adults and kids in Caledonia are very active and are involved in sports, which fits our personal and family lifestyle. Moreover, Caledonia and the rest of Haldimand county are relatively underserviced, especially with regards to more specialized dental services such as Adult and Kids Sedation, Braces, Invisalign (Invisible braces), Implants, Wisdom Teeth Removal, 3D X-Ray capabilities as well as TMJ, Sleep Apnea and Oral Cancer Screening. We have had many years of experience in these treatment modalities and we will be happy to lend out our services to whoever in-need.
Caledonia Smiles - Office
Caledonia Smiles - Office
Caledonia Smiles - Office
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Mon-Thu: 8am – 7pm
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232 Argyle St. S. Caledonia
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COMFORTABLE: We pay very close attention to the way we perform dental procedures to make sure it’s all done extremely comfortably. At Caledonia Smiles, one of our hard rules is never commencing treatment unless the tooth and the gums are completely numb. We take the time to allow the anesthetic to take full effect. We also take the time to deliver the anesthetic (give the needle) in an extremely gentle manner. It has taken us many years to develop and perfect a technique to allow for comfortable anesthetic delivery. We get feedback daily from adults and kids about how they “did not feel the needle going in”. We genuinely feel the happiest, personally and professionally, when we accomplish comfortable dentistry, and that’s what we strive for when treating every single patient.

We have equipped our Caledonia office with massage and heat dental chairs, as well as TV’s and headphones in each room, all in an effort to create a pleasant experience for our patients, all at no extra cost.

There are many of us who are very fearful of dental treatment. As part of our comfortable and personalized dentistry philosophy, we take those dental phobias very seriously. Depending on the level of anxiety, we offer the laughing gas for mild levels of anxiety, while we recommend the in-office oral and IV sedation for moderately and highly anxious patients. We offer the oral sedation (medicine dissolved in juice) for children who are anxious about dental treatment, and to minimize the number of dental visits and risk of a bad experience.


We believe the cost of dental procedures is definitely a serious barrier for most people to obtain the oral care they need. We have seen many patients electing to go with the non-recommended least expensive treatment option due to the excessive cost of better treatment alternatives. Additionally, most patients have a limited budget, or an insurance coverage maximum that they cannot afford to exceed, limiting their choices and dental visits.

We chose the profession of dentistry because it combines the art and science of creating beautiful smiles, durable healthy chewing teeth, and patients’ comfort and satisfaction. Making patients feel healthier, less anxious about dentistry, and more confident about their smiles and chewing, are far greater and more satisfying rewards to us than financial gains. In order to help as many people as we can realize their oral health goals, we will be offering very competitive fees, especially for more advanced treatment such as implants, crowns, veneers, braces, Invisalign, and sedation. Please check our website for our latest promotions.

We will also be offering payment plans, and will bill the insurance directly so there’s no need to pay the full fee upfront for treatment rendered. If you decide to pre-pay, a 5% discount will apply.


We offer evening and Saturday appointments to help to accommodate patients who otherwise may not be able to make a dental appointment.  The office is designed in a spacious manner to assist those with mobility issues and out friendly team members are here to help ensure your comfort during your visit.  Our treatment coordinator will be able to assist you in achieving your dental health goals during our complimentary consultations, by educating you about your treatment needs and to discuss the costs involved in treatment.  Insurance claims and predeterminations can be sent on your behalf, to most insurance companies, and we offer different financial options for those who may need financial assistance to achieve your dental health goals.

Caledonia Smiles - Office
Caledonia Smiles - Office
Caledonia Smiles - Office

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Our team at Caledonia Smiles Family Dentistry is glad to offer you a wide range of dental treatments. You can either reach us via phone at 289.757.0050 or simply request an appointment using the form. We will get back to you shortly. 


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    Some of Our Dental Services

    We do offer a much wider range of dental services and you can always give us a call on 289.757.0050 to enquire about a specific service or case and we would be happy to verify and respond to your questions.